State Labor Building (GEF 1)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​From across a road, a side view of the State Labor Building (GEF 1); a pedestrian crossing signage and a tree besides, in view
201 East Washington Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-2866

Facilities Management Group 4

The State Labor Building, also known as General Executive Facility (GEF) 1, was constructed in 1971-1972.  It contains 267,493 GSF of office space on four (4) above ground levels.  There is also a two level parking ramp under the building (175,615 GSF).

GEF 1 serves as the headquarters of the Department of Workforce Development (DWD).

Building Amenities

Lactation Room

Available Transportation/Parking

​  Parking
​283 assigned enclosed spaces; public parking lot off of Butler St 
​  Bus
​ All Madison Metro city bus routes within one block
  ​Car Pools
  ​State Van Pools
​  Bike Racks
​4 (2 on plaza; 1 each an 1L and 2L parking levels)

Handicapped Accessibility

​2 stalls on each level of parking ramp
​  Ramps
​1 ramp on each parking level; 1 ramp NW corner of lst floor
​Automatic door 1L elevator lobby
​1 stall on each occupied floor in men's and women's
​  Elevator Signage
​  Telephones
​1 in main lobby
  ​Water Fountains
​1 in main lobby
​  Directory Signage
​2 in main lobby, 1 each floor in elevator lobbies