State Education Building (GEF 3)

​​​​GEF 3c.jpg

125 South Webster Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-3474

Facilities Management Group 4

Constructed in 1978 and occupied in April, 1980, the State Education Building, also known as General Executive Facility (GEF) 3, contains 167,735 GSF of office space on six (6) levels above ground. There are also two (2) basement levels of parking containing 86,117 GSF.

Available Transportation/Parking

​  Parking  
​  Bus                   
​All Madison Metro city bus routes within one block
​  Car Pools
  ​State Van Pools
  ​Bike Racks

Handicapped Accessibility


​6 Men's; 6 Women's 
  ​Elevator Signage
​Yes; in Braille
  ​Water Fountains
​1 on each floor
​  Directory Signage