Risser Justice Center

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Risser Justice Center.jpg
120 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard & 17 West Main Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-3960

Facilities Management Group 1

The facility has two addresses: 120 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (State Law Library) and 17 West Main Street (Department of Justice, Offices of the Chief Clerk of the Assemblythe Legislative Technical Services Bureau, the Capitol Police​ and the UW Milwaukee - Office of Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education​). It occupies 228,023 GSF of floor space on 8 floors above ground. There are also 4 levels of parking underneath the building (141,894 GSF). Construction took place in 2000-2001​ and​ was occupied soon thereafter.

Available Transportation/Parking

​333 parking stalls, all assigned
​Madison Metro stops in front of building at 17 West Main St.
  ​Car Pools
  ​State Van Pools
  ​Bike Racks
​2 located at parking ramp entry off Doty Street

Handicapped Accessibility

​Contact the tenant you are visiting to see about the availability of handicap parking
One on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard​
​  Entrance
​One on West Main Street & 1 on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.  Both have automatic door openers.
​  Restrooms
​Both men's & women's located next to the W. Main St. lobby elevators on each floor. All gender restroom on ground floor in each lobby (Main St. & MLK Blvd.)
  Elevator Signage
​Yes; accessible elevators in each lobby with Braille signage 
No public pay phones​
​  Water Fountains
​Located on all floors next to elevators and restrooms
  ​Directory Signage
​Located in lobbies on West Main St and MLK Blvd. Not Braille enhanced. Security guard in each of the two lobbies to answer questions.