Hill Farms State Transportation Building

​​​​​A side view of the Hill Farms State Transportation Building.A sign board with its name,address and a few trees in the foreground
4802 Sheboygan Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53705-2927

Facilities Management Group 2

The headquarters for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation was constructed and first occupied in 1964.  It has 365,466 GSF on 10 floors above ground, and one basement level.  A full service DMV Service Center occupies a portion of the first floor.

In addition to the Wisconsin DOT, the facility also houses a branch of the Summit Credit Union.

Available Transportation/Parking

​1,485 parking stalls
​  Bus
​Yes; stops in front of building
​  Car Pools
​  State Van Pools
  ​Bike Racks
​In courtyard at west entrance, and at north entrance

Handicapped Accessibility

​20 stalls (6 at main entrance, 11 at north entrance and 3 at east entrance
​  Ramps
​All sidewalks on site have ramps
​  Entrance
​3 (main, east and north entrances)
​  Restrooms
​2 men's & 3 women's (men's on ground & 5th floors, women's on ground, 5th, & 7th floors)
​  Elevator Signage
​6 elevators (all but freight have Braille signage)
​1 just outside first floor lobby
  Water Fountains
​2 (ground & 5th floors)
​  Directory Signage
​Yes, first floor lobby