Hill Farms State Office Building and Parking Ramp

​​​New Hill Farms State Office Building.jpg
4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, Wisconsin 53705

Facilities Management Group 2

The new Hill Farms Facility will complete construction in 2018 and have approximately 600,000 GSF of office space.  The facility will house staff from the following agencies:

Available Transportation/Parking

​37 stalls at the building and 1,701 in the parking ramp
         Guide to Hill Farms Parking Ramp Operations
  ​Car Pools  
  ​State Van Pools ​
  ​Bike Racks
​In courtyard at west entrance, and at north entrance

Handicapped Accessibility

​  Parking
​9 handicap stalls at the building and 28 in the parking ramp
​  Ramps
​Main entrance to South Tower
​3 (including loading dock)
​41 total. Ground floor, 2; 1st floor has 5 (2 men's, 2 women's, & family room). Floors 2-9 have 4 per floor (2 men's, 2 women's)
  ​Elevator Signage
8 passenger, 1 freight elevator
​No public phones
​  Water Fountains
​2 per floor, 1 per tower (floors 1-9) located by restrooms
  ​Directory Signage
​Under construction