Hill Farms State Office Building and Parking Ramp


4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, Wisconsin 53705

Facilities Management Group 2

The Hill Farms State Office Building completed construction in 2018 and was occupied the same year. The facility is nine stories above ground and has approximately 600,000 GSF of office space.

The facility houses staff from the following agencies:

The Hill Farms Parking Ramp is an 8 level parking structure located at 4846 Sheboygan Avenue. Entrances/exits are accessible via Sheboygan Avenue and Madison Yards Way. Visitor parking is available to the public from 6AM to 6PM. The only accepted forms of payment for the automated ramp are Visa and MasterCard.

Available Transportation/Parking

​1,701 total stalls in the parking ramp; 100 are visitor stalls and 1,601 stalls ​​are assigned​
         Guide to Hill Farms Parking Ramp Operations
  ​Car Pools  
  ​State Van Pools ​
  ​Bike Racks
​Covered bike racks in the parking ramp on the first floor in the Northeast corner. Bike racks are also at the West and Northeast entrances to the building.

Handicapped Accessibility

​  Parking
​9 visitor handicap stalls in the East lot, 4 visitor handicap stalls along Madison Yards Way, 28 assigned handicap stalls in the ramp
​  Ramps
Yes, at the ​Main entrance to South Tower
​Yes, 4 total. Automated entry at the loading dock, South entrance, Main entrance, and cafeteria entrance from the courtyard.
​41 total. Ground floor, 2; 1st floor has 5 (2 men's, 2 women's, & family room). Floors 2-9 have 4 per floor (2 men's, 2 women's). Restrooms on 1st floor and 8th floor, North tower have automatic door openers.
  ​Elevator Signage
8 passenger, 1 freight elevator
​No public phones
​  Water Fountains
​2 per floor, 1 per tower (floors 1-9) located by restrooms
  ​Directory Signage
​Elevator lobbies