Frequently Asked Questions

​​What is the required payout percentage for electronic game of chance in Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities?​​

The Compacts require that an electronic game of chance pay out between 80% and 100% of the monies it has taken in during its life cycle.  For further information about the operation of electronic games of chance, please see A Guide to Understanding Slot Machines, made available by the American Gaming Association.
Who is responsible for the regulation of Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities?

Pursuant to the IGRA and the Compacts, Tribes are the primary regulators of their gaming operations. Each Tribal government maintains an independent gaming commission to carry out these regulatory responsibilities and to report to Tribal government on compliance with gaming regulations. The Compacts provide the OIGRC with a concurrent regulatory role in Wisconsin Tribal gaming.
Are Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities subject audited?

Yes. The OIGRC conducts regular, onsite audits of all Wisconsin Tribal gaming operations. Tribal gaming commissions also maintain internal audit departments that conduct annual audits of all gaming departments at each facility. The Compacts additionally require each Tribe to have independent annual financial audits and bi-annual security audits performed for their respective gaming facilities. The OIGRC receives and reviews the auditor reports resulting from these independent audits.
Are Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities subject to fines?

No. The Compacts do not provide the OIGRC with the authority to issue fines.The OIGRC cites Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities for any areas of non-compliance with Compact and internal control standards noted during the course of its audits and works cooperatively with Tribal gaming commissions to ensure any necessary corrections.

Does the OIGRC regulate video gaming devices in Wisconsin bars and taverns?

No. Video gaming devices are NOT legal anywhere in the State of Wisconsin except in authorized Tribal gaming facilities. Bars and taverns may offer five or fewer devices for amusement only, meaning they must be free to play or not provide anything of value as a prize. Any other video gaming devices are illegal. Playing these video gaming devices is itself an illegal act, so a regulatory agency or local law enforcement cannot compel the owner of such devices to pay what would be illegal winnings under the law. The OIGRC does not have oversight of any video gaming devices in any establishments other than Wisconsin Tribal casinos. For concerns regarding video gaming devices in a bar or tavern, contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at 608-266-2772 or your local law enforcement agency. For concerns regarding video gaming devices in any other location, contact your local law enforcement agency.
Does the OIGRC regulate Class II gaming such as bingo and pull-tab sales?

No. The federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act places the authority to regulate Class II gaming with the Tribe and the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC).

Patrons with questions or disputes involving Class II gaming should follow the Tribal patron dispute process at the location where the dispute originated.
Does the OIGRC regulate the Wisconsin Lottery?

No. The Wisconsin Lottery is operated by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDOR). Contact the WDOR at 608-266-2772 for questions regarding the Wisconsin Lottery.

Where can I get problem gambling assistance?

Information and assistance regarding problem gambling may be obtained from the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling,, or 1-800-426-2535, 24 hours a day.

Patrons may also request a self-ban at most Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities to assist in preventing them from gambling at that location in the future.