August 28, 2018

Updated Resources, Upcoming Event for $150K System

Last month we reported on Executive Order 288 and introduced the “IT and Private Consultant Purchases Over $150K System” (150K System). On July 27, SBOP hosted a webinar on use of the system and took agency questions. As a result of that event, the policy PIM 18-003 has been updated to include information about DET’s policies and standards and more specific instruction on how to request security access to the system. Updates have also been made to form DOA-3310, which is available on VendorNet’s Forms page. Please direct any questions relating to this project to

SBOP will host a second “open-house” style webinar on the morning of Wednesday, September 5 from 9-10am. The webinar will be limited to 30 attendees and will be available on a “first call/first served” basis. To request an invitation, please email Jessica Vieira.  

In addition, an in-person training for users of the $150K System has been scheduled for Thursday, September 20 from 1-3:30pm at the Department of Administration and attendance will be limited to 20 attendees. Those interested in attending should register for the training through the SBOP Training page. Please contact Jessica Vieira if you have any questions.


Training Opportunities

Cost Benefit Analysis Training Webinar. SBOP will be hosting a webinar version of the Cost Benefit Analysis class, designed to accommodate those who would otherwise need to travel long distances for the important, but relatively short procurement training. The class will be held as an interactive conference call on Wednesday, September 12 from 9-11am. Participants may register for this webinar through the SBOP Training page. Please contact Jessica Vieira if you have any questions.

Contract Administration Class. Seats are still available for the Contract Administration training class scheduled for Wednesday, September 19 from 9am-4pm. Seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and priority will be given to State agency and university attendees. In this one-day class, participants learn to determine the scope of the contract, including expected outcomes, specifications and contractual obligations; gain skills to prevent and resolve problems and conflicts; learn about making legal changes to contracts; and tips to maintain appropriate relationships with contractors, with an emphasis on ethical standards of conduct. To sign up for the class, visit the SBOP Training page or contact Jessica Vieira with any questions.

Strategic Sourcing Classes Offered in October. The next round of in-person Strategic Sourcing classes has been scheduled for Friday, October 5 at the Department of Administration building in downtown Madison.

Before being granted access to use the Strategic Sourcing module in PeopleSoft, users are required to complete three classes: one computer-based introductory course and two instructor-led classes. Students should sign up for all three classes in ELM by searching for “PRO308” in the “Find Learning” window. Because of the prerequisites, students should sign up for the classes in the following order:

  • PRO308: Introduction to Strategic Sourcing (eLearning)

  • PRO308: Strategic Sourcing – Creating an RFB and RFP (October 5, 8:00am-12:00pm)

  • PRO308: Strategic Sourcing – Score and Award (October 5, 12:30pm-4:30pm)

The instructor-led classes provide students with hands-on experience using the Strategic Sourcing module and are taught by SBOP staff who regularly use the system themselves. Space is extremely limited – sign up soon! If you have questions about the classes, please contact Jessica Vieira at (608) 266-5452.


Contract Spotlight

Fuel Oil – Statewide Contract. The Fuel Oil – Statewide contract (505ENT-M19-FUELOILSW-00) has been awarded to seven suppliers. The contract is effective July 18, 2018 through June 30, 2020 with yearly options to renew through June 30, 2023. It covers fuel oil (dyed for off road use only) used to heat facilities or fuel power plants, owned or operated by the State or a municipality. End users responsible for purchasing fuel oil should take a moment to review their location’s information on the Fuel Oil Price Sheet posted on the contract page in VendorNet. Any updates to the information listed on the price sheet or general questions regarding the contract should be directed to Jeannie McCarville at (608) 264-9590.

Audio Video Conferencing Equipment and Related Services. The IT - Audio Video Conferencing Equipment and Related Services contract (505-M18-AUDIOVIDEO-00) went into effect on June 6, 2018. The contract includes a broad range of equipment categories and manufactures offered from multiple contractors. Those using the contract may contact one or more contractors to request a quote. Visit the contract page linked above to access the quick guide, Statement of Work template or for full contract details. Contact Brenda Derge with additional questions at (608) 266-8613.


Strategic Sourcing: Tips and Tricks

Using Different Bullet Styles: Sourcing managers may change the look of bullet points by first choosing the bullet list or the numerical list in any text box where bullets or numerical lists are available. After this selection, hover over the bullet or numbered list and right-click your mouse. Choose from the “Numbered List Properties” or “Bulleted List Properties” and select the desired bullet or number style from the dropdown menu.

Assisting Bidders: Sourcing managers are often contacted to answer a variety of bidder questions relating to the use of eSupplier ( While bidders may always reach out to the SBOP help desk at or the STAR Support team for assistance, it may be beneficial for sourcing managers to be aware of the following common bidder inquiries:

  1. I’m on the solicitation page, but I don’t see the “Submit Online Response” button. Users must be registered and signed into eSupplier before this button will appear. Return to the eSupplier Bidder Homepage and sign in or complete the registration process, if needed.

  2. I’m trying to submit a response to a solicitation and I’ve uploaded the required documents using the “Upload Documents” button, but the “Submit” button is still greyed out. Before bidders can submit a response to a solicitation, they must respond to all required questions by clicking each of the green “Play” icons (a green circle with a “play” triangle in it) and providing a response. This will open a window that will display the bid factor and explain what they are required to do (e.g., upload a document or answer a question). Once they have completed the required task and have clicked “Save,” the green “Play” icon will change to a green checkmark. Note that only one document can be uploaded as a response to a bid factor and uploading a second document will overwrite the first one. Bidders may upload additional documents by clicking the “Upload Documents” button on the “Submit Online Response” page. Uploading all items using the “Upload Documents” button but failing to upload any documents as a response to the required question will not meet the requirement and will not allow the bidder to submit their response. Once they have provided responses to all required questions, the “Submit” button will become active and they can click it to submit their response.

  3. I’ve submitted a response, but I need to revise it. Bidders can revise their response at any time before the due date. To do this, they should click the “Submit Online Response” button for a response they’ve already submitted. They will be asked to confirm that they’d like to reopen the response and will need to click “Yes”. Note that bidders MUST click Submit before leaving this page, even if they don’t change anything – otherwise the system won’t recognize the previous response either! In addition, any file they upload in response to a bid factor will overwrite the existing file (as opposed to uploading additional files by clicking the “Upload File” button on the “Submit Online Response” page).

  4. Can my company submit multiple responses to a solicitation? To submit multiple responses, a company would need to have multiple accounts, each with a unique email address, WAMS username and Bidder ID. At this time, the system can only accept one response per account.

Looking for additional resources for Strategic Sourcing? STAR agencies can access a variety of job aids, tools and resources on STARConnection (STAR Connection > Resources > Finance and Procurement > Job Aids > Search for “Strategic Sourcing”). If you would like to share a Strategic Sourcing tip or trick you’ve learned, please email your ideas to Jessica Vieira.



Special Vendor Requirements. WISBuy is a great time-saving tool for users to purchase items from multiple vendors in a single online location. Users should be aware that while some vendors are able to transfer all the necessary information directly from a user’s WISBuy profile, like address and purchasing card (PCard) information, other vendors may require additional information relating to your account. The following companies may contact you for information to process the transaction: Beyond Vision, BSI/BSL, Crescent Electric, First Supply, H. Derkson, Industries for the Blind (IBEX), Lakeside Curatives (Gloves), NASSCO, Production Distribution, SKC Communications and Transource. Supplier contact information can be found in the WISBuy Special Vendor Requirements document which is available on the SBOP website. Please contact with any WISBuy questions.


Staffing Updates

SBOP is currently recruiting for the Deputy Director, State Bureau of Procurement position (Job Announcement Code: 18-02432). The deadline to apply for this position is Sunday, September 9.

SBOP is also recruiting for the Knowledge Management, Improvement & Training (KIT) Section Chief position (Job Announcement Code: 18-02428). Interested applicants must apply by Tuesday, September 4.

Kris Breunig joined SBOP on August 6 as a Procurement Specialist in CAPS. Kris comes to DOA after serving over 22 years in the United States Navy, most recently in a role where he was responsible for 46 active duty personnel and twelve Navy Reserve units encompassing over 400 reserve personnel. Kris also has private sector experience in logistics and quality and safety management and is a graduate of Marquette University.

Matt Kojm completed his SBOP internship through the SAAIP program on Monday, August 13. During his time with the Bureau, Matt supported the group that is revising procurement manual policies, researching other states’ best practices and making important improvements to policy documents and forms. Matt also tested the new $150K request system before it was implemented and assisted staff with market research and process mapping to identify opportunities for efficiency.

Jacob Wyngard, SBOP’s intern from the NASPO program, spent his last day with the Bureau on Wednesday, August 22. During his time with the Bureau, Jacob supported the benefits realization program by conducting sophisticated analyses of enterprise spend in anticipation of the rollout of the strategic sourcing initiative. Jacob also researched vendor management and performance scorecard best practices and assisted with the Bureau’s efforts to improve customer service.


SBOP Staff Attend NASPO REACH Conference

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) held the inaugural “super-regional” conference of all fifty states’ procurement teams in New Orleans from July 16-18. The Regional Education and Connection Hub (REACH) conference was the largest ever NASPO conference with over 350 attendees from states around the country. SBOP staff Brenda Derge was highlighted as providing the inspiration for the event. In August 2016, Brenda was asked by NASPO to travel to a meeting of the Western region states in Utah to provide training on innovative RFP evaluation techniques. The positive reaction to the work of a Midwest region state’s presentation sparked the idea of holding a large conference of all regions, ultimately turning into the REACH New Orleans event. SBOP staff Andrea Welch and Sara Redford presented on technology procurement trends, holding a well received 45-minute breakout session.