March 30, 2018

March is Public Procurement Month

The profession of public procurement is recognized throughout the country during the entire month of March. This period of recognition is appropriate given the important role that procurement professionals play in delivering services to the public. It has been estimated that government procurement comprises approximately 30% of our Gross Domestic Product. Thus, government procurement is at the base of our infrastructure in our roadways, schools, data networks, buildings and all the related supplies and services that support the people serving the public for the common good.

When procurements are done well, the public is more confident in its government and the services being provided. A well performing procurement function assures us all that tax dollars are used optimally. Professionally executed procurements call for integrity, transparency and accountability, for both government and its contractors.

May we all continue to learn, grow and earn our taxpayers' and agencies' appreciation. Let us show how valuable we are by performing our best and earning this well-deserved respect. Celebrate March and all year with excellent procurement work and the recognition will follow.

Rick Hughes, Director, State Bureau of Procurement, (608) 266-1558.

Reminder: Procurement Planning for End of Fiscal Year 2018

With the end of the fiscal year quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning for upcoming deadlines. Here are a few to consider:

Requests for Purchasing Approval/Authority (RPAs) for Governor’s Approval: Delegated agency RPA packets, complete with all required information, should be submitted to SBOP through the RPA website no later than Monday, April 9, 2018 if approval is needed before June 29, 2018.

STAR Requisitions and Purchase Orders: May 31 is the final day to encumber FY18 funds. Therefore, requisitions/PO change orders must be entered and approved in STAR before end of business that day. Contact your agency's purchasing staff for more information.

Supplier Diversity Website Improvements

The Supplier Diversity program has been working with SBOP and the Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) to make improvements to its website. The goal is to make it easier for vendors certified by the Supplier Diversity program to register for an account in eSupplier and increase visibility of current bidding opportunities with the State.

As a result, several changes have been implemented. On the Supplier Diversity homepage, users are now encouraged to register on the eSupplier Portal for Bidders and are provided with a “Register for eSupplier” button. Users may also click on the “Current Goods/Services Bids” button to go directly to VendorNet’s “Search Bids” tab. In addition, the Supplier Diversity program now includes information about registering on eSupplier in the emails sent to newly certified minority businesses.

We hope these enhancements will ultimately increase the number of minority-owned and disabled veteran-owned businesses who will have the opportunity to bid on goods and services with the State. Contact Zack Lehman at (608) 261-8552 for more information on these improvements.

Training Opportunities

There are still seats available for the Negotiating on Behalf of the State of Wisconsin training class scheduled for April 4. Seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and priority will be given to state agency and university attendees. This one-day class provides a basic introduction to negotiations and includes interactive exercises. This course is intended for procurement professionals who will be involved in negotiations on behalf of their agency. Topics covered include planning, conducting and closing negotiations; team-building; bargaining styles; tactics, strategy and ethics; and unique considerations based on State of Wisconsin procurement rules. To sign up for the class, visit the SBOP Training page or contact Jessica Vieira if you have any questions.

Contract Spotlight

Fuel Oil Solicitation. The State Bureau of Procurement is starting work on an enterprise solicitation for fuel oil. If your agency is interested in participating on a standards committee, please contact Jeannie McCarville at (608) 264-9590.

Strategic Sourcing: Tips and Tricks

Posting an Event & Announce Event Online Feature: Before posting an event, be sure to unclick the “Announce Event Online” box. Leaving this box checked will prevent your solicitation from appearing in the “Current Solicitations” section on eSupplier.

Event Bid Factors PDF: To download a PDF document with all bid factors for an event, go to Strategic Sourcing > Enterprise Administration > Download Event Documents, enter the event number and click “Search” and select “Event Bid Factors.” If you have access to Acrobat Pro, you can edit this file to turn it into a fillable form to use as an attachment for bidders who need to submit hard copy responses (you will need to click to unprotect the file before modifying it).

Looking for additional resources for Strategic Sourcing? STAR agencies can access a variety of job aids, tools and resources on STAR Connection (STAR Connection > Resources > Finance and Procurement > Job Aids > Search for “Strategic Sourcing”). If you would like to share a Strategic Sourcing tip or trick you’ve learned, please email your ideas to Jessica Vieira.


Have you ever wondered why there is such variability in the look and features available in WISBuy's punchout catalogs? Unlike the catalogs hosted within WISBuy, punchout catalogs are developed and maintained by the vendors themselves. Because of this there are often differences in the way customers will experience various features of the websites, including accessing order histories and quick orders, using favorites lists, or obtaining eQuotes. In addition, each vendor has control over the way they choose to handle blocked items. Some vendors hide blocked items from the catalog, while others will display them but not allow customers to add them to their cart, and others allow customers to add them to their carts but won’t allow customers to check out until the item is removed. If you’d like to learn more about the features available in WISBuy, consider signing up for the WISBuy Refresher & Advanced Training (available as an in-person training or as a live webinar) on the SBOP Training page. Contact for more information.

Staffing Update

Mojgan Hall has joined the IT Enterprise Sourcing team as a Procurement Specialist Objective. Mojgan originally joined SBOP in October 2013 as a Purchasing Associate and advanced to manage the State's elevator, medical and pharmaceutical contracts. She graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Information Systems and Management, and was a programmer/computer operator for IBM in Dallas, Texas and Manhattan, New York.