February 26, 2018

State Procurement Manual Revision Project

The State Bureau of Procurement is moving full steam ahead on a project to update and modernize the State Procurement Manual. The manual is used by State agencies and campuses to conduct procurement activities in a legal, uniform manner. While the underlying laws and principles of procurement (competition, integrity, consistency and openness) remain unchanged, recent developments, such as the implementation of STAR and eSupplier, require revisions to ensure official policy and procedures are in harmony. Starting last fall, SBOP undertook a public campaign to gather input from agencies, campuses, the public and the vendor community. A cross-agency team has been convened to do the heavy lifting of drafting revisions. For more information about this project, contact Sara Redford at (608) 267-2706.

New RFB Template and User Guide

The most current version of the RFB Template is loaded into the Strategic Sourcing module. While STAR agencies have access to this template through the system, non-STAR agencies do not. To support our other enterprise customers like UW campuses, a Word version of the template is now available on VendorNet. In addition to the template we have posted a separate document, the RFB Template User Guide, as an instructional aid. The RFB Template is publicly available while the User Guide requires login. Please contact doawispro@wisconsin.gov with any questions.

Contract Spotlight

Advertising/Marketing Services RFP. The State Bureau of Procurement is starting work on an enterprise Request for Proposal for advertising/marketing services. If your agency is interested in participating on either a standards or an evaluation committee, please contact Steve Slawny at (608) 266-3209.

Court Reporter Services and Transcription Services. Contract 505ENT-O16-COURTREPORT-00 will expire on July 31, 2018 and a Request for Bid will be developed to establish a new contract. Contractors provide qualified court reporters for hearings and depositions held throughout the state on an as needed basis for State agencies. The contract has allowed for videotaping and audiotaping of proceedings as well as transcription services. If your agency is interested in serving on the standards committee for this solicitation, please contact Marcy Schmelzer at (608) 266-1625.

Strategic Sourcing Tips & Tricks

Amending a Bid Factor. Consider this scenario: You must change a bid factor after receiving at least one response to a Strategic Sourcing solicitation. Revising a bid factor will erase any responses to that factor because the bidder hasn’t officially responded to the amended factor. You must notify all potential bidders of the amended bid factor through the Bidder Communication tool and advise that they must reenter the system to submit a new response to the updated bid factor.

Looking for additional resources for Strategic Sourcing? STAR agencies can access a variety of job aids, tools and resources on STAR Connection (STAR Connection > Resources > Finance and Procurement > Job Aids > Search for “Strategic Sourcing”). If you would like to share a Strategic Sourcing tip or trick you’ve learned, please email your ideas to Jessica Vieira.

Oracle Business Intelligence

The Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) tool provides agencies with the ability to monitor their purchasing activity. Two dashboards within BI are used to view information related to supplier diversity.

Supplier Diversity Dashboard. The Supplier Diversity Dashboard allows agencies to track non-PCard spend with certified minority and disabled veteran-owned businesses.  To avoid double counting, the amount of spend for disabled veteran-owned and minority-owned businesses is displayed on separate lines because suppliers may be certified in multiple categories. Since this information does not include Tier 2 or PCard spend, the information in this dashboard is best used as a gauge (and is not used in the official MBE report). The direct reporting by agencies to the Supplier Diversity Office is the primary source for the data reported in the MBE report. The State Bureau of Procurement will continue to send out monthly reports to help agencies track PCard MBE activity. Please remember that agencies are still required to report activity with any MBE that is a sub-contractor to a prime supplier (https://wisdpreporting.wi.gov).

Draft MBE and CS Dashboard. The Draft MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and CS (Contractual Services) Summary Dashboard provides two reports in one location: the baseline spend for the MBE report and reportable spend for the CS report. These BI reports are reviewed by DOA to remove transactions for grants, government entities or other non-Chapter 16 transactions that appear obvious to us. However, a knowledgeable eye in the agency should also review your agency’s spend periodically to identify these types of transactions and notify us so we may remove them from the reports. If you have questions about these dashboards, please contact Zack Lehman at (608) 261-8552 or Terri Lenz at (608) 266-0167.


WISBuy streamlines the buying process through a common system that has many suppliers accessible with a single login and password, but the system provides other advantages.

  • Using WISBuy reduces maverick spend since all suppliers are on contract.

  • WISBuy supports strategic sourcing and cost-saving initiatives for all agencies.

  • We have access to more data that can be analyzed and used to leverage volume pricing and drive product standardization through new contracts and contract negotiations.

  • WISBuy reports are customizable, thus we can create reports in a variety of ways that may be valuable to all agencies.

  • WISBuy staff can audit pricing to ensure users are receiving the correct contract pricing.

  • When end users are ordering items through WISBuy, procurement staff can be more focused on important procurement projects.

  • WISBuy is easy to navigate and allows users to quickly re-order supplies using the Order History tab or Favorites Lists.

  • The system provides complete access to their order history and purchasing documentation for recordkeeping.

Anyone looking to learn the basics or become a more advanced WISBuy user may sign up for trainings through the SBOP training page. For more information, contact the WISBuy team at doawispro@wisconsin.gov.