Consolidated Agency Purchasing Services (CAPS)

​The CAPS section was created in 2006 to provide procurement support to various state agencies and boards and resides within the State Bureau of Procurement at the Department of Administration (DOA). In addition to the DOA and its divisions and attached boards, CAPS also supports these agencies.

It is the mission of CAPS to manage the responsibility of procuring goods and services on behalf of its supported agencies by providing leadership, support, and accountability. To accomplish this mission, we have assembled a group of procurement professionals who are highly experienced in procurement and who bring years of experience to Wisconsin state government from both the public and private sectors. It is this combination of experience that allows CAPS to strategically partner with its supported agencies to ensure they obtain the commodities and services that meet their requirements at a fair and reasonable price, while maintaining compliance with procurement regulations and guidelines. 

For additional information on the services CAPS provides please contact Catherine Neidner, CAPS Section Chief, at: (608)266-3620 or​ ​

101 E. Wilson St., 6th Floor
Madison, WI  53703-3405