About the State Bureau of Procurement

The State Bureau of Procurement (SBOP) is part of the Wisconsin Department of Administration and administers the procurement laws, policies, and procedures of the state on behalf of all agencies and campuses. It is the responsibility of the Bureau to:

  • Interpret statutes and administrative code,

  • Establish policies and procedures governing all agency and campus procurements (State Procurement Manual),

  • Establish and manage statewide procurements and contracts for goods and services used across state government,

  • Provide training and consulting services to agencies,

  • Maintain VendorNet, the State’s online purchasing information system, and

  • Audit agencies and campuses for compliance with state procurement laws, policies, and procedures.

It is the mission of the State Bureau of Procurement to manage the responsibility of buying goods and services statewide by providing leadership, support, and accountability.

In accomplishing our mission, we value:

  • Responsibility in establishing what we buy, how we buy, from whom we buy, and for how much with an emphasis on price, quality, and delivery;

  • Leadership in communication, managing knowledge, and maintaining technological evolution to improve the business management;

  • Support in explaining the process, training users in the process, and developing systems to retain the knowledge that has been gained; and

  • Accountability in surveying the operations of users, designing processes that work, and ensuring responsibility is met.

We have assembled a group of procurement professionals who are highly experienced in procurement and who bring years of experience to Wisconsin state government from both the public and private sectors. It is this combination of experience that allows the Bureau to ensure that procurement is a critical element in the state’s operational strategies to create savings and to improve efficiencies that best serve internal and external customers.

All state procurement staff are required to follow procurement rules to:

  • Provide steadfast stewardship of taxpayer funds,

  • Comply with Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code,

  • Ensure public confidence in state government by following consistent and transparent processes, and

  • Provide the vendor community with open and fair access to competition for state contracts.

In addition, there are four (4) major concepts that provide the foundation for state procurement activities: competition, consistency, integrity, and openness. It is the Bureau’s responsibility to ensure that these concepts are followed. The Bureau also believes that high moral and ethical standards are essential to the conduct of free government. Procurement employees hold their positions as a public trust and any effort to realize personal gain through official conduct is a violation of that trust. Bureau procurement staff must maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and personal integrity and set the example for other state procurement/purchasing professionals.


Cheryl Edgington, Bureau Director

Matthew Limoges, Deputy Bureau Director

Andrew Shuck, Enterprise Sourcing Section Chief

Vacant, Enterprise IT Sourcing Section Chief

Catherine Neidner​, Consolidated Agency Purchasing Services (CAPS) Section Chief

Vacant, Knowledge Management, Improvement & Training (KIT) Section Chief


101 E. Wilson St., 6th Flr.                P.O. Box 7867
Madison, WI                                   Madison, WI
53703-3405                                   53707-7867

                       (608) 266-2605