Van 1150

Home City​​Portage--this van has temporarily merged with another due to Covid.  Please contact the coordinator for specific informaiton on the current route.  ​
​Leave Time6:00 AM
​Return Time​5:05 PM
​Driver Information​Steven Boldt
​Coordinator Info.Patty Swan
​Van Route​Interstate I-39
Hwy 51 Exit (Madison)
County CV
Madison Capitol Square Area
West Washington Avenue
University Avenue
Linden Drive
Observatory Drive
VA Hospital
Morning Pickups6:00 AM - Portage, Edgewater Greenhouse
​Morning Drops​6:45 AM - Butler Street DNR Bldg
6:47 AM - E Wilson Street at MLK Blvd
6:49 AM - Corner of Henry & W Washington Avenue
6:54 AM - Linden Drive, at Ag Building
6:56 AM - Linden Drive, US Dairy Forage Bldg
6:58 AM - Observatory Drive Bus Stop across from WARF
7:00 AM - VA Hospital
​Afternoon Pickups3:50 PM - VA Hospital
3:55 PM - Observatory Drive Bus Stop at Highland Avenue
4:03 PM - Linden Drive, US Dairy Forage Bldg
4:05 PM - Linden Drive, Ag Building
4:11 PM - Bus Stop at W Washington & S Carroll Streets
4:13 PM - Bus Stop at W Main Street at WI DOJ Bldg
4:17 PM - E Main Street at DNR Bldg​
​Afternoon Drops5:05 PM - Portage, Edgewater Greenhouse