Wisconsin Geography Maps and Graphics


  • Alphabetical list of Wisconsin Municipalities Microsoft Excel updated June 2020

  • Wisconsin Cities, Villages, Townships and Unincorporated Places listed by WI Dept. of Health Services  Adobe PDF

  • Municipality changes since January 2000 Microsoft Excel update June 2020

  • Wisconsin Geographic Codes Microsoft Excel update ​June​ 2020

  • Metro and Micropolitan Areas  or Microsoft Excel

  • Core based and combined Metropolitan Statistical Areas  Microsoft Excel

  • List of Zip Code Tabulation Areas (Parts or All) Within each County & Municipality Microsoft Excel

  • Wisconsin State Legislature Technical Service Bureau Open GIS Data is here.

  • 2019 Population Density Microsoft Excel.

Demographics Services Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Population Change Dashboard - U.S. Census Bureau components of change visualized Microsoft Excel

  • Population Composition Dashboard - U.S. Census Bureau age distribution visualized Microsoft Excel

  • Age, sex, race and ethnicity visualization - U.S. Census Bureau estimates visualized Microsoft Excel