Rental Housing Development (RHD)

​The Rental Housing Development (RHD) Program assists eligible housing organizations, including Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs), with funds to develop affordable rental housing. For-profit corporations may partner with the above-mentioned groups or apply directly for RHD funds.

The funds must serve households at or below 60% of the County Median Income (CMI). Projects receiving HOME funds are subject to rent limitations for a specified period of time. Funds may be used for acquisition, rehabilitation and new construction activities. The HOME RHD Application and Guide are available below. Application submission dates are June 1st and October 15th. There is also a first-come, first-served set-aside for small developments specifically in rural locations with 20 or fewer total housing units.  These applications may be submitted at any time and will be considered as funding is available. Those applying as a CHDO must submit full certification documentation at the time of application.

This program is part of the Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources, Wisconsin Department of Administration.  It is federally funded through HUD’s Home Investment Partnerships Program.


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HOME RHD Program Manual​

HOME RHD Application                                

RHD Application Form 1 Submittal Form        

RHD Application Form 2 Application Certification        

RHD Application Form 3 CHDO Certification                  

RHD Application Form 4 Site Data                                    

RHD Application Form 5 Unit Data                                 

RHD Application Form 6 Project Development Team                   

RHD Application Form 6 Developer Experience Form                  

RHD Application Form 6 General Contractor Experience Form  

RHD Application Form 6 Property Management Experience Form           

RHD Application Form 6 Supportive Service Provider Experience Form  

RHD Application Form 7 Project Timeline       

RHD Application Form 8 Financial Data                           

RHD Application Form 9 Rental Housing Spreadsheets               

RHD Application Form 10 Match Identification            

RHD Application Form 11 Comparable Data                   

RHD Application Form 12 Environmental Review Instructions   

RHD Application Form 12 Environmental Review Fillable

RHD Activity Set-Up Report               

RHD Payment Request Form             

RHD Completion Report                   





Section 3 Report                 

MBE / WBE Report             



RHD Annual Compliance Data Report 2019                  

RHD Annual Compliance Data Report 2020 

RHD Annual Compliance Data Report 2021​                  

RHD In-Service Report Reminder                                    

RHD In-Service Report  ​                                                      


Information regarding the Rental Housing Development Program may be obtained by contacting the RHD Program Manager at (608) 264-7839.