Critical Assistance Program

​The Critical Assistance Program (CA) is designed to provide direct emergency financial assistance toward housing costs of low- and moderate-income households.  Grant awards include administrative funds to support the housing activities, and may be used to provide housing counseling as well as staff salaries and other administrative necessities.

Prevention of homelessness is an important part of the HUD Continuum of Care philosophy; however, it is not an allowable activity for funding through the HUD Continuum of Care Supportive Housing Program.  The Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources (DEHCR) plans to fund prevention activities including: services that are concerned with housing counseling, eviction or foreclosure prevention in those parts of the state that are not served using HUD Emergency Solutions Grant or state-funded Homeless Prevention Program funds.  The Division encourages the coordination of CA prevention activities with existing local programs and expects the applicant agency to collaborate with agencies in local communities for the delivery of homelessness prevention services.


Rent and Security Deposits

Grantees may provide rental assistance to households in the form of security deposits, short-term rental subsidy, and/or utility costs.

Foreclosure Prevention

Homeowners may receive assistance with payment of principal and interest on a mortgage loan that is in arrearage, property taxes, and utility arrearages.  The homeowner must show the ability to make future payments.

The grantee agency may use up to 15% of the award for administrative funds to support the housing activities. 


Individuals and families needing emergency financial housing assistance should first contact agencies in their local areas as CA funds may only be considered after local resources are explored.

The current grantee is the Foundation For Rural Housing, (608) 238-3448.


2021-2022 Critical Assistance - Application Instructions