CDO Certification Under READI

Community Development Organization (CDO) Certification Under READI


There are two processes for CDO certification, depending on the type of organization.  The Community Development Certification committee will make its recommendations to the Department for certification based off the materials submitted by the organizations.

DOA certified CDO’s
CDO Application Packet

  1. Organizations already certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Certified Housing Development Organization (CHDO), Small Business Association (SBA) Lender are not subject to the long CDO application.  However, these organizations must be federally-recognized as not-for-profit at the time of application.
  • These types of organizations must submit:

    • Letter requesting CDO certification and document status as CDFI, CHDO, or SBA lender; i.e: letter from U.S. Treasury, CHDO Certification, SBA documentation.  Must include certified IRS status.

    • Manual documenting fiscal and administrative policies and procedures. Must meet standards of the Omni Circular (2 CFR Part 200).

    • Certify that the organization has a project review committee. Must include details on the backgrounds of project review committee members.
  • The CDO Certification Committee will review this information and make its recommendation to the DEHCR Administrator.

   2.  All other organizations seeking certification must submit a full application and meet the criteria outlined in the application process:

Organizational Structure

  • Organization must be certified by the IRS as a not-for-profit corporation, and must submit proof of federal not-for-profit status.
  • Applicants may not be a municipal department or be wholly funded by a municipality.
  • The organization must have a board of directors. Names and representation of board members must be included in the application.

More information on both processes may be found in the Application packet (see link above - Application Packet subject to change).  In addition, the Division conducted a webinar to provide information about the CDO certification process, and provided a Power Point presentation (see links below).