CDBG Implementation Handbook

​The Implementation Handbook has been created by the Bureau of Community Development for use by Department of Administration (DOA) CDBG-PF, CDBG-PLNG, CDBG-ED and CDBG-PFED Grantees.  The Bureau of Community Development resides within the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources (DEHCR).


Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Administrative Requirements
Chapter 3: Procurement & Contracting
Chapter 4: Environmental Review
Chapter 5: Acquisition/ Relocation
Chapter 6: Equal Opportunity, Fair Housing & Section 3
Chapter 7: Labor Standards
Chapter 8: Financial Management
Chapter 9: Reporting
Chapter 10: Project Completion
Chapter 11: Single Audit
Appendix A -Definitions   
Appendix B -Web Sites 

Training Materials​

Video Presentations of Topics​​​

Training Session PowerPoint Slides (by Topic):
Introduction (Chapter 1)     Printer Friendly Version
Administrative Requirements, Amendments (Chapter 2)     Printer Friendly Version
Procurement (Chapter 3)     Printer Friendly Version
Environmental Review (Chapter 4)     Printer Friendly Version
Acquisition & Relocation (Chapter 5)     Printer Friendly Version
Labor Standards (Chapter 7)     Printer Friendly Version
Financial Management & Single Audit (Chapters 8 & 11)     Printer Friendly Version
Monitoring (Chapter 2)     Printer Friendly Version
Reporting, Equal Opportunity, Fair Housing & Section 3 (Chapters 6 & 9)     Printer Friendly Version
Project Completion (Chapter 10)     Printer Friendly Version