Community Development Block Grant - Economic Development (CDBG-ED) Program

CDBG-ED grant funds are awarded to local governments to assist businesses to create or retain jobs for individuals with low and moderate incomes.  Examples of eligible projects include: business loans to expand facilities or purchase equipment, specialized employee training, or business infrastructure projects.  When funds from this program are repaid by the business to the local government, the funds are deposited into a Community Development Block Grant Revolving Loan Fund for Economic Development (CDBG-RLF-ED) to be loaned to other businesses. 

  • How to Apply: CDBG-ED applications may be submitted at any time, and are reviewed by DOA as they are received.  CDBG-ED funds are awarded on an as-needed basis throughout the year, provided that the Applications meet a CDBG National Objective (in conjunction with HUD program regulations).  Application materials and submission instructions should be carefully reviewed prior to applying for CDBG-ED funds.

  • Review Process: For each Grant Application received, DOA reviews the Application (on a case-by-case basis) to determine the eligibility & fundability of the proposed project.  Successful Applications must meet a CDBG National Objective (in accordance with HUD program regulations).  DOA anticipates a minimum 60-day review time period for submitted Applications.  Applications deemed eligible & fundable will be awarded State CDBG-ED funds.

  • Award Process: Award letters will be issued upon determination of the Communities' (and their respective Businesses') abilities to meet a CDBG National Objective in accordance with HUD program regulations.  The award letter outlines the next steps required to accept & execute a Grant Agreement (i.e. contract) with the State of Wisconsin.

  • Next Steps & Requirements: Community grant administrators will be required to attend implementation training

CDBG - Economic Development (CDBG-ED) Application Materials

Additional Reference Materials

CDBG - Economic Development (CDBG-ED) Implementation Handbook

  • Chapters will be posted as they are finalized & published

CDBG - Economic Development (CDBG-ED) Reporting Requirements​

Contact Us

If you have questions about the status of your CDBG application, please contact the Department of Administration's Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources (DEHCR) at (608) 266-7531.

General information regarding DEHCR's Bureau of Community Development (BCD), which oversees and manages the CDBG Grants, may be obtained by emailing CDBG-Community Development or by contacting the BCD Director at (608) 261-7538.

Non-electronic mail correspondence should be directed to:

Wisconsin Dept. of Administration
Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources
Bureau of Community Development
PO Box 7970
Madison, WI 53707-7970