Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy

​What We Do

a green lightbulb with leaves growing from it

​The Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy leads the state of Wisconsin in fighting the effects of climate change through programs and policies that support the use of clean energy resources and technology. ​To do this the office conducts the following work:

  • Coordinates with state agencies and state utilities to achieve a goal of ensuring all electricity consumed within the State of Wisconsin is 100 percent carbon-free by 2050.

  • Ensures the State of Wisconsin is fulfilling the carbon reduction goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

  • Developing and implementing a clean energy plan to assist the State of Wisconsin in adapting to and mitigating the harm from climate change by using clean energy resources and technology.

  • Promotes clean energy workforce training.

  • Fosters innovation, research, and business development within the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability sectors.

  • Developing and implementing energy efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy standards for all new and existing state facilities, office buildings, and complexes.​​

​​Please check back in the coming weeks for more information.​