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Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities are operated and regulated under the authority of Compacts between the eleven federally-recognized Wisconsin Tribes and the State of Wisconsin and the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA).  The Compacts require that each Tribe establish and maintain a resolution process for patron disputes at their respective gaming facilities. 

As sovereign entities, tribes and their gaming operations have the primary responsibility for the resolution of patron disputes.  Patrons must follow the established process at each gaming operation for the resolution of disputes. 

If a patron has followed the established patron dispute resolution process at the gaming operation at which the issue occurred but a satisfactory resolution has still not been achieved, the patron may contact the Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance (OIGRC).  A patron may forward written documentation of the dispute, including all correspondence between the patron and the tribal gaming commission and the gaming operation to the OIGRC by clicking on this link: Patron Disputes.