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About WISBuy

WISBuy was created as a means for Agencies to streamline the purchasing process and give agency management oversight of agencies spend. The State of Wisconsin contracted with SciQuest, a third party service provider, to design the State of Wisconsin WISBuy site.

WISBuy is an online shopping and ordering website for State contracts that serves the needs of multiple customers. WISBuy contains two environments, the first is the PCard Marketplace and the second is the eCatalog.


The PCard Marketplace was the first system introduced to State agencies in 2014 and the eCatalog was the second system introduced in 2015. Both systems are visually the same, the differences in the two systems are how users access each system and the payment method. The PCard Marketplace is a secure website and the eCatalog can only be accessed through STAR. For more information regarding the eCatalog system and PCard Marketplace please click on the corresponding icon below. 


Wisconsin eCatalog System  Wisconsin PCard MarketPlace

Wisconsin's eCatalog

For State Agencies only


Wisconsin's PCard MarketPlace 

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