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Balanced Panel

Welcome to the Balanced Panel Page!

The Balanced Interview Panel Database was designed to allow State of Wisconsin Agency Human Resource Directors and Affirmative Action Officers access to a source of contact people that are willing to serve on the panel.   Below are the instructions and forms for State Agencies to refer to in using and contacting people to serve on balanced interview panels.   At the bottom of the page is a link to the database.

 Promotion of the Balanced Interview Panel Program

 Introduction Letter for Volunteer Panel

 Sample Memo - From Supervisors Requesting a Balanced Interview Panel

 User Instructions for the Balanced Panel Database

 Policies, Forms and Balanced Panel SharePoint Database

 Balanced Panel Policy Bulletin

 Sample Balanced Panel Policy

 Balanced Interview Panel Volunteer Form

 BEI Balanced Panel Interview Panel Expense Sheet and Guidelines

 Travel Voucher for State and Non-State Employees

 Instructions for Balanced Panel Interview Members and Hiring Supervisors

Please click on the blue "Balanced Panel Database" box below or

click on the link below it to open the State of Wisconsin Balanced Interview Panel Database.  

 Balanced Panels

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