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Bureau of Equity and Inclusion


Bureau of Equity and Inclusion


The Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Management, Bureau of Equity and Inclusion is the central affirmative action office for Wisconsin State Government.  Its responsibilities include:


  • Developing policies and procedures governing the state’s Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) program;
  • Recommending new or revised legislation in support of a viable state EEO/AA program;
  • Establishing standards for agency EEO/AA plans;
  • Reviewing, approving and monitoring of state agency EEO/AA programs;
  • Providing technical assistance to agencies in developing innovative personnel programs to increase the effectiveness of the state’s EEO/AA program; and
  • Analyzing state workforce data for use in developing EEO/AA reports and recommendations.


ss. 230.04(9) and (9m) and ss. 230.46, Wis. Stats.


The State of Wisconsin Bureau of Equity and Inclusion has many resources for reference.  Please click on the links below for more information.


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