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History and Description of DPM


The Division of Personnel Management (DPM) serves the citizens of the State of Wisconsin by establishing, implementing, and monitoring personnel policies and programs to ensure a competent work force and to promote equitable treatment of all current and prospective employees of the state.

The state civil service system includes the functions of recruitment, examinations and selection; classification and compensation; labor-management relations; affirmative action; employee performance evaluation; employee development and training. The Office provides training services in human resources to Wisconsin state government agencies. The Division also operates the State Employee Suggestion Program and the statewide Employee Assistance Program.

DPM is administered by an Administrator who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Governor. An executive assistant and executive staff are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Administrator. There are three Bureaus. DPM is attached for administrative support purposes to the Department of Administration.


The Bureau of Affirmative Action (BAA) is the central affirmative action office for state government.   BAA develops policies and procedures governing the state’s Equal Employment Opportunities/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) program, recommends new or revised legislation in support of a viable state EEO/AA program, establishes standards for agency EEO/AA plans, reviews, approves and monitors state agency EEO/AA programs, provides technical assistance to agencies in developing innovative personnel programs to increase the effectiveness of the state’s EEO/AA program, and analyzes state workforce data for use in developing EEO/AA reports and recommendations.


The Bureau of Compensation and Labor Relations (BCLR) negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements with nineteen bargaining units representing 35,000 state employees, develops and administers pay and benefits systems for 6,400 non-represented employees, and represents the state in grievance arbitration cases. The division also maintains a labor market survey research program that investigates external market comparable data for collective bargaining and pay range assignment purposes, and collects and reports on a variety of state workforce demographic summaries. The division also develops the compensation reserve recommendation for the governor's biennial operating budget, ensures state agency compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act and provides training to hundreds of management/ supervisory staff in basic and advanced labor-management relations and state/union contract orientation, administration, and interpretation.


The Bureau of Merit Recruitment and Selection (BMRS) administers the Wisconsin civil service system by hiring, recruiting, testing, and evaluating applicants; creating employment registers of qualified applicants; and referring best-qualified candidates to agencies for interviews. BMRS serves thousands of job applicants, more than 50 state agencies, 26 University of Wisconsin campuses and, through the Wisconsin City and County Services, over 300 local governments across Wisconsin. Each year DMRS administers over 1,000 different civil service exams and other applicant evaluations, enabling agencies to hire or promote up to 4,000 employees. The division conducts ongoing, systematic personnel surveys to maintain and improve classification, compensation, and benefit programs in 2,000 job classifications. It ensures state agency compliance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and reviews determinations of protective occupation status. It also provides management training to hundreds of management/supervisory staff throughout state government in personnel administration and classification.

•The State’s civil service job openings and application instructions are found at

•Information about the Bureau’s other recruitment and selection activities is located at Recruitment and Selection

•Information about the Bureau's classification functions is located at Classification.

The Bureau also includes Wisconsin Personnel Partners, which provides personnel services on a fee basis to local units of government.