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Wisconsin Population & Household Projections



Wisconsin population projections are developed periodically by the Demographic Services Center in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 16.96.

Population and Household Projections, produced in 2013, based from 2010 Census

State Population Projections, 2010-2040
  • Report: Wisconsin's Future Population: Projections for the State, Its Counties and Municipalities, 2010-2040 Adobe PDF
  • State Age-Sex Population Projections including Broad Age Groups and Components of Change Microsoft Excel
  • State Age-Sex Pyramid, 2010 and 2040 Adobe PDF
  • County Age-Sex Population Projections, 2010-2040  Microsoft Excel
  • County Age-Sex Pyramids, 2010 and 2040 Microsoft Excel
  • MCD and Municipal Population Projections, 2010-2040 Microsoft Excel
  • Population Projections for Wisconsin Counties, Components of Change by Decade: 2010-2040  Microsoft Excel
  • State Age-Sex Population Projections by Single Years, 2010 - 2025 Microsoft Excel

Household Projections

  • State and County Household Projections, 2010-2040 Microsoft Excel  
  • Household Projections for Wisconsin Municipalities: 2010-2040 Microsoft Excel

Methodologies for Population and Household Projections

  • Vintage 2013 State and County Age-Sex Projection Methodology Adobe PDF 
  • Vintage 2013 State Single Year of Age Projection Methodology Adobe PDF 
  • Vintage 2013 Minor Civil Division Projection Methodology Adobe PDF
  • Vintage 2013 State & County Household Projection Methodology Adobe PDF 
  • Vintage 2013 Minor Civil Division Household Projection Methodology Adobe PDF