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2011 Local Land Use Regulations and Comprehensive Planning Status Report 


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2011 Wisconsin Local Land Use Regulations and Comprehensive Planning Status Report
(For more current info on plans submitted to DOA, see Library of Plans page.)

Based on the 2011 Report, it is estimated that 100 county and municipal governments exercise local land use regulations subject to the Comprehensive Planning Law's consistency requirement, but have not adopted a comprehensive plan and are not completing one. When local governments make changes to zoning, land division, or official mapping ordinances, they must do so consistent with a comprehensive plan (s. 66.1001(3), Wis. Stats.)

Tables of results - Excel spreadsheet with three worksheets (tabs) that detail comprehensive planning status and local land use regulations for each of the 1,922 Wisconsin towns, villages, cities, and counties

Individual maps from the report:    

Map of municipal comprehensive planning status 

Map of county comprehensive planning status 
Map of zoning at the municipal level
Map of municipal subdivision regulations 
Map of county subdivision regulations 
Map of municipal official mapping  
Map of county official mapping 
Map of city and village shoreland wetland zoning 
Map of county shoreland zoning

Map of municipal zoning, subdivision, and mapping regulations  
Map of county zoning, subdivision, and mapping regulations

Appendix A: Relevant statutes

66.1001 Comprehensive Planning Law
62.23(6) Official Mapping
236.45 Local Subdivision Regulation

236.46 County Official Mapping
59.69 Planning and Zoning Authority
62.23(7) Zoning

60.61 General Zoning Authority

60.62 Zoning Authority If Exercising Village Powers
59.692 Zoning of Shorelands On Navigable Waters
61.351 Zoning of Wetlands In Shorelands
62.231 Zoning of Wetlands In Shorelands



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