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Community Development Block Grant - Planning (CDBG-PLNG) Program: Overview

CDBG - Planning (CDBG-PLNG) Funds 
These grant funds support community efforts to address improving community opportunities and vitality.  Some examples of eligible projects include the development of comprehensive plans, community development plans, and small area and neighborhood plans.  Grants are limited to projects that, if implemented, would meet a CDBG National Objective.

  • How to Apply:  CDBG-PLNG funds are awarded through an annual competitive process.  Application materials and submission instructions should be carefully reviewed prior to applying for CDBG-PLNG funds.
  • Review Process:  For each Grant Application received on or before the Application Submission Deadline, DOA reviews, scores, & ranks the Applications based on a pre-approved list of scoring criteria.  Successful Applications must meet a CDBG National Objective (in accordance with HUD program regulations).  Applications that earn enough points in the review process will be awarded State CDBG-PLNG funds.
  • Award Process:  Communities with successful applications (that have met the threshold requirements for funding) are announced and each community receives an award letter, which documents the next steps required to accept & execute a Grant Agreement (i.e., contract) with the State of Wisconsin.  
  • Next Steps & Requirements:  Community grand administrations will be required to attend implementation training.  Information on dates and locations for the next CDBG-PLNG training session can be found on the Training Opportunities and Technical Assistance webpage.

  CDBG - Planning (CDBG-PLNG) Application Materials

Application Submission:
To be considered for the 2016 CDBG-PLNG Annual Competitive Grant funding, submit a completed and signed original application (including all required application attachments) prior to 4 PM on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at:

Wisconsin Department of Administration
Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources
Bureau of Community Development
ATTN: CDBG-PLNG Applications
101 E. Wilson Street, 6th Floor
PO Box 7970
Madison, WI 53707-7970

  • Applications submitted by/via email will not be accepted.
  • Applications submitted by/via fax will not be accepted.
  • Two paper copies of the complete application (including all required application attachments) must be provided.
  • One copy of the submitted application must have a cover page with original signatures.  The second application cover page may be a copy.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the Grant Application packet is complete for submission.  Applications that are incomplete, missing the required attachments, or are non-compliant with the instructions for submission will not be reviewed.
  • Applications must be unbound.  No staples or spiral binding.  Use rubber bands or binder clips to hold the application and its attachments together.
  • Attachments must be in the order prescribed and separated using the cover/title/separator pages provided within the application.
  • All application materials and attachments (including maps) must be printed on standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper.
Additional Reference Materials


CDBG - Public Facilities (CDBG-PF) and Planning (CDBG-PLNG) Implementation Handbook


Contact Us

If you have questions about the status of your CDBG application, please contact the Department of Administration's (DOA's) Division of  Energy, Housing, and Community Resources (DEHCR) at (608) 266-7531.

General information regarding DEHCR's Bureau of Community Development (BCD), which oversees and manages the CDBG Grants, may be obtained by emailing CDBG-Community Development or by contacting the BCD Director at (608) 261-7538.

Non-electronic mail correspondence (i.e. "snail mail") should be directed to:

Wisconsin Dept. of Administration
Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources
Bureau of Community Development
101 East Wilson Street, Fl 6
PO Box 7970
Madison, WI 53707-7970