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                                     For various reasons, not all DOT and DNR decisions issued by DHA are posted. Decisions are posted by the DHA docket number.

                                     You maybe able to locate documents with specific text by using the search box located above.

                                     Better results are obtained if you include DHA as part of your search criteria. For example DHA DNR Water rather than water.

                                     DHA makes every effort to post redacted versions of all Work and Family Services decisions (Public Assistance).

                                     Occasional omissions may occur. The decisions are posted on a fully searchable site in pdf format.

                                                        If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact the Madison office.


  •                                                                                          Department of Transportation Decisions
  •                                                                                          Department of Natural Resources Decisions
  •                                                                                          Public Assistance Decisions<