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The Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance’s (OIGRC) Field Audit section is responsible for reviewing Tribal Class III gaming facility compliance with Compact provisions and Tribal minimum internal control standards. This is accomplished through the conduct of regular, onsite compliance and financial audits of these facilities as well as the continued monitoring of a wide variety of electronic data.

In addition to monitoring of electronic games and slot accounting system data, the OIGRC conducts on-site audits of all aspects of tribal gaming operations. Compliance audits are conducted at a minimum of once every 18 months and include a review of the surveillance area, the money handling areas, security procedures, table and poker game operations and gaming device testing. Payment audits include a review of casino financial documents and comparison to financial data submitted to the OIGRC for purposes of calculating net win and payments based on tribal revenue.

For further information, contact John Dillett, Director of the Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance at (608) 270-2533 or by email at