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End User Training-Purchasers

  • Held via Go To Meeting or at any location with/without individual computers

  • Includes introduction to WISBuy, setting up an account and review of hosted and punch-out catalog shopping

  • Longer sessions will cover: searches, quick order, assigning a cart, check out, and reordering


This training is facilitated by your agency. To sign up, contact your agency designated WISBuy Business Unit Administrator for more information.

Business Unit (BU) Admin Training

Topics include:

  • Introduction to WISBuy and demos on hosted and punch-out catalogs

  • Accessing user profiles and activating/deactivating a user

  • Adding new users and assigning roles

  • Approving registration

  • Creating BU shared favorites

  • Editing the message board

  • Communications and BU resources

  • Performing user management import tasks


This course is offered as one-on-one meetings and only for assigned BU Admins.




Provides step-by-step instruction on creating and setting up a WISBuy account.


The course will cover topics that include:

  • Searches and quick orders

  • Assigning a cart

  • Check out and reordering


This course is offered as one-on-one meetings and only for assigned Trainers.