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About WISBuy

WISBuy was created as a means for Agencies to streamline the purchasing process and give agency management oversight of agencies spend. WISBuy is an online shopping and ordering website for State contracts that serves the needs of multiple customers. WISBuy contains two environments, the first is the PCard Marketplace and the second is the eCatalog.


The State of Wisconsin’s mission is to create an eProcurement system where state employees, municipalities, and universities can purchase and compare pricing with ease and efficiency in a cost effective way.


The specific goals of WISBuy are to deploy a secure and reliable system that:  

  • Provides operational efficiencies through consistent work processes and the ability to utilize analytics
  • Reduces or eliminates paper
  • Improves transparency
  • Reduces long-term business costs associated with time spent procuring products
  • Empowers our workforce by streamlining approval processes and pushes decision making to the appropriate level



 Wisconsin's eCatalog

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Wisconsin's PCard MarketPlace 

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