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The Enterprise Fleet Management (EFM) system manages vehicles and drivers across Wisconsin State government to effectively meet state business travel and operational needs.  It provides state drivers with the tools they need to efficiently reserve state vehicles, report mileage and track vehicle usage.  EFM also allows state fleets to better manage vehicles from the time of purchase to the auction block.

Electronic Vehicle Use Agreement (VUA)

All state drivers must complete and sign a VUA before they can operate a state vehicle.  By completing the VUA, state drivers acknowledge they have reviewed the state driving policies and meet state eligibility requirements.   The eligibility standards are provided in the electronic VUA policies in the Addendum of the state driving policies.

The electronic VUA form is on the Fleet Portal and drivers will find:

  • The electronic VUA form is quick and easy to complete.

  • For state agency drivers, the information links to PeopleSoft so driver information will change in the EFM system as the driver’s employee information changes, like supervisor changes, for example.

  • It is easy to save a completed VUA to another drive or to print the VUA.  Just click on the green “Print” button at the top of the completed VUA.  Notice that all personally identifiable information is redacted.   

  • Drivers with a license from another state can easily upload their driving abstract for review and approval by fleet staff.

  • Supervisors automatically receive an email letting them know that employees have completed the VUA.

  • What if something changes, like a drivers’ last name?  Drivers can complete another VUA with the new information.

The EFM Fleet Portal (Live on November 6, 2017)

Logging in to the Fleet Portal:  All drivers need to log on to the Fleet Portal is their state employee credential.  For state agency employees it is their IAM ID, for University of Wisconsin employees it is their Campus ID. 

Reserving a state vehicle:  Drivers with approved VUAs can rent a state vehicle whenever they need to travel for official state business and it has been approved by their supervisor.  Renting a state vehicle in the new Fleet Portal is quick and easy:

  • Employees can make a reservation on behalf of another approved driver.

  • The Fleet Portal will provide a dashboard for past and pending reservations.

  • The reservation can easily be changed or cancelled from the dashboard

  • For state employees, supervisor approval for the vehicle rental is required, but it’s an automated process.

  • Reservation slips are automatically provided at the fleet office for driver convenience.

Reporting mileage for leased vehicles:  Monthly mileage reporting is required for leased, assigned and work-share state vehicles.  The Fleet Portal makes reporting quick and easy:

  • More than one mileage entry can be made each month and mileage entries can be edited until the 5th of every month when the billing process begins.

  • Any employee can enter mileage for their agency or campus, all they need is the Equipment ID of the vehicle.

  • Personal mileage will be automatically calculated and an invoice created.

  • The Fleet Portal will provide a dashboard with information on recent mileage reports.