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State Safety Office

The primary responsibility of the Capitol Police State Safety Office is to monitor and manage highly sensitive issues including hazardous waste and materials spills, confined entry issues, injury and accident investigation, investigations of loss claims and many other situations impacting employees and visitors. The Safety Office is responsible to investigate safety concerns at state facilities throughout the State of Wisconsin. These investigations are conducted proactively and in response to incidents. Federal and state requirements in the above mentioned areas have expanded significantly in recent years and present challenges to remain in compliance. Currently, the Safety Office manages federally mandated safety programs that cost the State in excess of a million dollars annually.

Another responsibility of the Safety Office is to monitor Wisconsin Conservation Corps (WCC) sites throughout the State. The Wisconsin Conservation Corps is a Department of Administration program designed to assist unemployed young people develop job skills by working on projects for various government agencies. The Safety Officer is responsible to provide training to reduce job-related injuries and to monitor any injuries occurring at the WCC.

The Safety Office also is responsible to direct the State Floor Captain Program. This program coordinates and trains volunteers in state facilities to help residents and visitors to respond appropriately to emergency situations (i.e.: threatening weather conditions, fires, accidents)..

The Safety Office organizes and manages all state owned buildings biannual safety inspections. Any problems are documented and directly reported to the appropriate building management Bureau Director in the Division of Buildings & Police Services. Testing of special fire equipment is conducted by a private contractor and monitored by the agency's Safety Officer.