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SCO Vendor-Supplier maintenance

This page provides information for agencies to use in maintaining their vendors in WiSMART and suppliers in STAR beginning on Friday, June 25th.  Agencies should also refer to Section 15-03 of the Wisconsin Accounting Manual for additional information.

Important Note:  Only STAR forms should be used to update WiSMART vendors and STAR suppliers.  The forms must be electronically submitted via the SharePoint website.


WiSMART/STAR Vendor Adds and Contact Changes
Note: Individuals who do not provide goods or services to the State (i.e. grant recipients) ONLY need to complete IRS W-9 Form (they do not also need to complete DOA-6457).

DOA-6457: STAR Vendor Information
IRS W-9 Form

Electronic Deposit (ACH) - Note: All deposit information will be verified by the State Controller's Office

Please note that this form is only available on the SharePoint Supplier Submission page (voided check, deposit ticket or bank letter must be attached)

Vendor Name or Taxpayer Identification Number Change

DOA-6458 STAR Change of Vendor Name
IRS W-9 Form

DOA-6459 STAR Change of Tax ID
IRS W-9 Form

IRS W-8BEN Form - Certificate of Foreign Status

Please note that due to IRS signature requirements, we are not able to receive bulk submission files.

Questions on vendor-supplier submissions?  Please email - thanks.