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FY 2017 Closing

FY 2017 Closing Tasklist with Due Dates  (updated 8/7/2017)

Form 78's SCO Status (updated 08/31/2017)
FY 2016 Closing Balance Continuing vs. FY 2017 Balance from Prior Year (New 08/29/2017)
FY 2017 Beginning Balance Calculations (updated 9/18/2017)
Collected Revenue Calculations (STAR Data through 9/16/2017)
CC_APPR_EN to PO Roll Reconciliation
(STAR Data through 8/22/2017)

Daily KK to GL Expense Comparison

Final POB Appn 97100 entry amounts for reversing unallocated non-federal billing (new 08/01/2017)

FY 2017 Listing of Non-Project and Project Agencies

PO's Held from the FY 2017 Roll (new 7/24/2017)

Form 78 User Guide (updated 06/28/2017)

Reviewing Expense Reports (updated 06/30/2017)

FY 2017 AP Year-End Process (added 6/28/2017)

SCO Year-End Labs
State agencies may schedule a lab with the State Controller's Office to review their accounts and determine adjusting entries.  To do so, please contact Karolyn Cassidy.  She will establish a meeting time and ensure that the necessary SCO Subject Matter Experts are available in the meeting.

SCO Subject Matter Experts
The list of SCO Subject Matter Experts can be found on the second tab of the monthly checklist workbook in Section 18 of the Wisconsin Accounting Manual.