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FY 2016 Year-End Trial-Balance Validation and FORM 78'S


FY 2015 PO's that Rolled into FY 2017

FY 2016 PO's created or changed after May 31, 2016


Next meeting to be held in late October, after the year-end closing


June 30, 2016 Trial Balances
6/30/2016 Appropriation Trial Balance (all agencies)
6/30/2016 OpUnit Trial Balance (agencies 11500-36000)
6/30/2016 OpUnit Trial Balance (agencies 37000-37300)
6/30/2016 OpUnit Trial Balance (agencies 38000-43300)
6/30/2016 OpUnit Trial Balance (agency 43500)
6/30/2016 OpUnit Trial Balance (agencies 43700-45500)
6/30/2016 OpUnit Trial Balance (agencies 46500-99999)

June 30, 2016 Trial Balance Compared with June 30, 2015
2016 vs. 2015 Trial Balances

AP Mismatches
AP Mismatches (as of 08/03/2016)


Detailed FY 2016 Year-End Reconciliation Task List with Links - Updated 8/4/2016
Detailed Task List in Excel

7/22 Reconciliation Status Report

SCO Year-End Subject Matter Experts - Updated 6/29/2016

STAR Accounting Issues Status

FY 2016 Year-End Task Tracker - Updated 8/5/2016


SCO Year-End Labs
The SCO will be holding year-end labs BY APPOINTMENT every Wednesday and Saturday during July and August from 8:30am - 4:00pm in room 540.  The labs will be used to assist agencies to validate and reconcile appropriations that they are having difficulty with.  This room is equipped with 20 workstations that can connect to STAR.  If you would like to stop by the lab, please email Karolyn Cassidy and Scott Miller no later than noon the Tuesday before the Wednesday lab, and noon the Thursday before the Saturday lab.  Arrangements will need to be made to meet Saturday attendees at the Admin Building front door.

Additional Year-End Support is Available
During June - August, SCO staff will be available to come to your agency and meet with you directly to help with any appropriation validation/trial balance validation issues that you are having.  Please email Jeff Anderson the week before you would like us to stop out.