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Wisconsin Capital Finance Office - Higher Education Bonds

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The State of Wisconsin has issued two series of bonds designated as "Higher Education". The bonds were marketed as an investment for college saving, had $1,000 denominations and a special feature that permitted the bonds to be used prior to their maturity date for educational expenses provided certain conditions were met.

The following linked documents are in portable document format (PDF). The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at http:\\

General Obligation Bonds of 1990, Series D, (Higher Education Series)
Dated May 24, 1990 with maturities starting May 1, 1996 and ending May 1, 2010.

General Obligation Bonds of 1991, Series B, (Higher Education Bonds)
Dated May 15, 1991 with maturities starting May 1, 1996 and ending May 1, 2011.

"Higher Education" Frequently Asked Questions
(Updated March 4, 2004; Questions About IRS Form 1099-B)

Information for Higher Education Bonds Maturing May 1, 2011