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Wisconsin Coastal Management Program 


Required Reporting Summary

  • Quarterly progress reports (Please request a customized form from your grant manager.)
  • Final report (Please request a customized form from your grant manager.)
  • Both input into annual performance measures for NOAA OCRM
  • Both input into twice a year narrative reporting to NOAA OCRM
  • Provide feedback to WCMP staff who are responsible for tracking progress.

Quarterly Report Template

As conditions of the Wisconsin Coastal Management Grant Program, grant recipients are required to submit quarterly reports September 30, December 30, March 30, and June 30 for the duration of the grant and a final report.

Grant recipients use progress report and final report templates generated with specific grant information. Please request template from the Grant Manager.  

A completed report example with directions, descriptions and/or sample filled in sections is also provided.

Performance Measures

Regarding Performance Measures, the WCMP, as terms of continuing federal grant funding, is required to submit numbers for defined areas in

            Government Coordination & Decision Making
            Public Access
            Coastal Habitat
            Coastal Training Events
            Coastal Dependent Uses & Community Development

The numbers generated by activities in these areas must be reported for the fiscal year in which they occurred by the required deadline. This means that for an activity occurring between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018, it must be reported to OCRM for that fiscal year by June 30, 2018. For your project and the WCMP to “receive credit” for an activity it must be reported in the fiscal year it occurred, regardless of extension status. 

Final Report

The final report template asks different questions and requires listing and attaching the deliverables.

Questions and Comments

Please contact or the Federal Reporting Coordinator (