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Governor's Executive Residence

Exec Residence 

99 Cambridge Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53704-5961

Facilities Management Group 1

Governors of Wisconsin, and their families, have resided in the Maple Bluff mansion along the shores of Lake Mendota since 1949, which is when the State of Wisconsin acquired the building for $47,500. It is three stories high and has a basement level for a total of 23,455 gross square feet. The grounds of the Executive Residence measure 3.7 acres and feature ten major garden areas.

The Executive Residence is open to the public for tours during the summer and for holiday viewing in December.   For reservations and further information, call the Executive Residence Staff at (608) 246-5501.

Available Transportation/Parking
 Parking 8 assigned stalls; 10 stalls for public parking on street by fence 
 Bus Madison Metro bus stop on Sherman Ave & Lakewood Blvd (3.5 blocks away)
 Car Pools None specifically designated
 State Van Pools None specifically designated
 Bike Racks None

Handicapped Accessibility
 Parking Available by request 
 Ramps 1 on the south side entrance
 Entrance Entrance & Sunroom (no automatic door opener) 
 Restrooms 1 on first floor
 Elevator Signage None
 Telephones No public phones
 Water Fountains None
 Directory Signage None