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Lee Sherman Dreyfus State Office Building

Waukesha SOB 

141 N. W. Barstow Street
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188-3789

Facilities Management Group 3

The Lee Sherman Dreyfus State Office Building was originally constructed in 1982-1983.  A 70,000 SF addition was constructed in 2002.  The current facility has four above ground stories with 169,976 GSF of space.

The facility contain offices for the following state agencies:

Department of Health Services
Department of Children and Families
Department of Natural Resources
Department of Safety & Professional Services
Department of Transportation

Available Transportation/Parking
 Parking 142 employee stalls; 65 visitor stalls 4 handicap visitor stalls 
 Bus Waukesha Metro Bus System
 Car Pools Limited
 State Van Pools None
 Bike Racks One

Handicapped Accessibility
 Parking 4 public visitor stalls 
 Ramps Front & rear
 Entrance 3 auto door openers 
 Restrooms All floors have handicap stalls, washing facilities & towel dispensers 
 Elevator Signage 4 on door frame
 Telephones None
 Water Fountains 14
 Directory Signage No