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Hill Farms State Transportation Building

Hill Farms AB  

4802 Sheboygan Avenue
Madison, Wisconsin 53705-2927

Facilities Management Group 2

The headquarters for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation was constructed and first occupied in 1964.  It has 365,466 GSF on 10 floors above ground, and one basement level.  A full service DMV Service Center occupies a portion of the first floor.

In addition to the Wisconsin DOT, the facility also houses a branch of the Summit Credit Union.

Available Transportation/Parking
 Parking 1,485 parking stalls 
 Bus Yes; stops in front of building
 Car Pools Yes
 State Van Pools Yes
 Bike Racks In courtyard at west entrance, and at north entrance

Handicapped Accessibility
 Parking 20 stalls (6 at main entrance, 11 at north entrance and 3 at east entrance 
 Ramps All sidewalks on site have ramps
 Entrance 3 (main, east and north entrances)
 Restrooms 2 men's & 3 women's (men's on ground & 5th floors, women's on ground, 5th, & 7th floors)
 Elevator Signage 6 elevators (all but freight have Braille signage)
 Telephones 1 just outside first floor lobby
 Water Fountains 2 (ground & 5th floors)
 Directory Signage Yes, first floor lobby