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Division 33 - Utilities - Master Specifications / Design Guidelines

DISCLAIMER:  These master specifications/design guidelines are intended for use by consultants to the State of Wisconsin and by others for construction and remodeling of State owned facilities. The State of Wisconsin bears no liability nor responsibility for any other use of these specifications.

All *.docx documents listed below are Microsoft Word 2010 format. To download a file directly to your computer from the site, right click on the file and choose "Save Target As".  Some browsers may not open .docx files directly but will require you to save the document before viewing it due to security settings.  For instructions for changing the security settings to enable you to open the files directly in IE8 click IE8 Sec Ins.pdf.

Please Note:  If you wish to download multiple files from this master specification, you may do so by going to the DOA FTP Site.  This FTP area is setup for anonymous use.  You will need to use an FTP Client or after clicking on the DOA FTP Site link above, follow the instructions at the top of the ftp page to Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer to download multiple files.

Utilities  -Design Guidelines - Division  33
File Name File Title Rev. Date
Arc Welding Filler.pdf Arc Welding Filler Metal Selection Chart 1/6/2014
cvlGUIDEs.pdf Civil and Sitework Guidelines 4/28/2016
Deaerator Policy.pdf Deaerator Heater & Storage Tank Inspection Policy 12/10/2013

Utilities - Master Specifications - Division  33
File Name File Title Rev. Date
33 05 12.docx Common Motor Requirements for Utility Equipment 10/1/2012
33 05 23.13.docx Utility Horizontal Directional Drilling 9/1/2015
33 05 23.16.docx Pipe Jacking 9/1/2015
33 05 23.20.docx Pipe Bursting 9/1/2015
33 07 00.docx Utility Insulation 2/27/2014
33 08 00.docx Commissioning of Utilities 2/24/2015
33 11 00.docx Water Utility Distribution Piping 9/1/2015
33 30 00.docx Sanitary Sewerage Utilities 9/1/2015
33 40 00.docx Storm Drainage Utilities 9/1/2015
33 50 00.docx Fuel Distribution Utilities 10/1/2012
33 56 10.docx Fuel Storage Tank Demolition 10/1/2012
33 56 13.docx Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks 10/1/2012
33 56 16.docx Below-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks 10/1/2012
33 60 10.docx Hydronic Heating and Steam Utilities 5/14/2015
33 61 10.docx Chilled Water and Condenser Water Utilities 3/6/2015

Utilities - Master Details - Division 33
File NameFile TitleRev. Date
Detail HP-A.dwgSteam Box Conduit CAD Details2/10/2015
Detail HP-B.dwgSteam Distribution Piping CAD Details7/8/2015
Detail HP-C.dwgSteam Distribution Support CAD Details10/2/2015
Detail HP-D.dwgStack Sampling Platform CAD Details10/1/2012
Detail HP-E.dwgMisc. Heating Plant CAD Details10/1/2012 
Detail HP-F.dwgUtility Waterproofing CAD Details6/3/2015 
Air Release Valve Pit.dwgAir Release Valve Pit CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Air Release Valve Pit.pdfAir Release Valve Pit PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Fire Hydrant Installation.dwgFire Hydrant Installation CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Fire Hydrant Installation.pdfFire Hydrant Installation PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Sanitary Sewer Manhole.dwgSanitary Sewer Manhole CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Sanitary Sewer Manhole.pdfSanitary Sewer Manhole PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Standard Gate Valve Box Setting.dwgStandard Gate Valve Box Setting CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Standard Gate Valve Box Setting.pdfStandard Gate Valve Box Setting PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Standard Sewer Lateral.dwgStandard Sewer Lateral CAD Detail8/1/2017
Standard Sewer Lateral.pdfStandard Sewer Lateral PDF Detail8/1/2017
Standard Water Main Trench Section.dwgStandard Water Main Trench Section CAD Detail8/1/2017
Standard Water Main Trench Section.pdfStandard Water Main Trench Section PDF Detail8/1/2017
Storm Inlet.dwgStorm Inlet CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Storm Inlet.pdfStorm Inlet PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Storm Manhole.dwgStorm Manhole CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Storm Manhole.pdfStorm Manhole PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Thrust Blocking.dwgThrust Blocking CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Thrust Blocking.pdfThrust Blocking PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Tracer Wire.dwgTracer Wire CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Tracer Wire.pdfTracer Wire PDF Detail 8/1/2017
Utility Pipe Insulation.dwgUtility Pipe Insulation CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Utility Pipe Insulation.pdfUtility Pipe Insulation PDF Detail8/1/2017
Water Branch Service Pipe Tap.dwgWater Branch Service Pipe Tap CAD Detail 8/1/2017
Water Branch Service Pipe Tap.pdfWater Branch Service Pipe Tap PDF Detail 8/1/2017