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Capitol Heat & Power Plant


624 East Main Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-2913

Facilities Management Group 4

The Capitol Heat & Power Plant was constructed between 1908 and 1911 to be a relatively small (48,116 GSF) power plant that served the Wisconsin State Capitol building. Today, the chilled water and steam is routed to serve the downtown State of Wisconsin, Dane County, and City of Madison buildings only. CHPP does not serve any residential or privately owned buildings.

The Plant was converted from using coal to natural gas in 2011. The Plant's 4 boilers generate high pressure steam that is converted to low pressure steam by the use of back pressure steam turbine generators (BPSTG) or steam turbine driven chillers. The low pressure steam is routed to absorption chillers and to the steam distribution system. The power plant’s BPSTGs also generate electricity for the Capitol building with emergency power provided by a diesel powered generator. Steam turbine generators provide parallel operation with the electric utility and a secondary source of electric generation for the Capitol and CHPP.

Available Transportation/Parking
 Parking  Along curb on East Main Street
 Bus Yes; on Washington Avenue & Blair Street
 Car Pools Yes
 State Van Pools Yes
 Bike Racks No

Handicapped Accessibility
 Parking No
 Ramps No
 Entrance Not accessible 
 Restrooms Not accessible 
 Elevator Signage No
 Telephones No
 Water Fountains 1 at entrance
 Directory Signage No