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Van 1166

Home City: Milton/Newville
Leave Time: 6:15 AM
Return Time: 5:00 PM
Driver Information: Lukas Jensen  608-261-0335
Coordinator Info.: Cathy Sill 608-422-6215 or email
Van Route: I-90 to Madison
Hwy 12/18 to John Nolan Drive
Capitol Square area
UW Madison Campus
VA Hospital
Morning Pickups: 6:15 AM - Newville Park and Ride Lot
Morning Drops: 6:50 AM - Capitol Square, Downtown
7:00 AM - VA Hospital
Afternoon Pickups: 4:00 PM - VA Hospital
4:20 PM - Capitol Square, Downtown
Afternoon Drops: 5:00 PM - Newville Park and Ride Lot