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Summary of A/E Opportunities

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A/E Consultant Selection

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2013-15 Capital Budget
Current A/E Selection Opportunities
Construction Project Bidding
DFD Document Library
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Small Project Program - $185,000 or less
In order to be considered for projects under $185,000, the A/E must indicate interest in small projects in their A/E data record and upload a Consultant Fee Schedule.

For more information, visit the Small Project Program web page.

Monthly Selection - $185,000 to $5 Million
Each month, DFD posts a Selection Committee Meeting agenda and Invitation for Services on the Current A/E Selection Opportunities web page. A/Es interested in providing services for a specific project can upload a letter of interest to the Current A/E Selection Opportunities-Under $5 Million web page by the due date listed on the agenda. The Selection Committee will recommend an A/E for each project to the DOA Secretary for final selection. The Selection Committee is comprised of five DFD staff and two Agency representatives.

Major Project Selection - $5 Million and Above
DFD posts an advertisement on the Current A/E Selection Opportunities and Results-$5 Million and Above web page.  Here, A/Es can view the instructions, qualification requirements, project description, budget, screening, and interview information. Interested firms must upload a completed electronic copy of the Qualification Document to the invitation page. In addition, the A/E is required to submit two hard copies and one electronic copy to complete their application. 

In accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code, Adm 20.05 and 20.09, the Selection Committee evaluates nominations received based on eligibility and the qualification criteria.  The DOA Secretary makes the final selection from the two recommendations forwarded by the Selection Committee.

ACEC/AIA Presentation Slides
DFD Consultant Orientation for Small & Monthly Selection (ACEC/AIA Presentation 2012)
DFD Consultant Orientation for Major Project Selection (ACEC/AIA Presentation 2012)