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Southeast Regional Crime Laboratory

MKE Crime Lab 

1578 South 11th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204-2860

Facilities Management Group 3

The Milwaukee Southeast Regional Crime Laboratory was constructed in 1983-84.  In 1992-1993, the building was updated with an addition.  The Lab contains 43,935 gross square feet of space.

The facility is maintained by the Department of Administration on behalf of the Department of Justice Laboratory personnel who work at the location.

Available Transportation/Parking
 Parking 20 parking stalls 
 Bus Milwaukee County Transit System
 Car Pools None
 State Van Pools None
 Bike Racks None

Handicapped Accessibility
 Parking 2 handicap parking stalls 
 Ramps Front entrance
 Entrance Not accessible 
 Restrooms Two each - men's & women's
 Elevator Signage N/A
 Telephones None
 Water Fountains Two
 Directory Signage None