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State Procurement Manual

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Table of Contents-Topical

Table of Contents--Alphabetical Listing

Title Number Dated
Advertising Services, Contracting for PRO-I-5 11/1/88
Amendments to Requests for Purchasing Approval/Authority (RPAs) PRO-D-28 10/11/12
American-made Materials Policy PRO-C-26 9/1/17
Antitrust Laws PRO-D-26 10/1/00
Appeals Process—Contractual Services PRO-I-13 3/1/12
Awards, Basis for PRO-C-15 7/1/94
Banking Services, Contracting for PRO-I-6 5/21/13
Best and Final Offer Process and Procedures PRO-C-39 3/27/07
Bid Waiver Justification Letter PRO-C-10 10/18/01
Bidders Lists PRO-C-17 10/14/14
Bidding Policy and Procedure, Official Sealed Bid PRO-C-5 9/1/17
Blanket Orders, Contract PRO-E-16 10/1/89
Blanket Orders, Noncontract PRO-E-9 10/14/14
Bonds and Sureties PRO-C-19 6/19/03
Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (DBA Badger State Industries), Procurement from PRO-C-33  3/14/13
Capital Acquisition Financing PRO-E-17 1/1/82
Carriers for Transportation of Merchandise (Except Household Goods), Contracts with PRO-D-18 12/1/83
Certification for Collection of Sales and Use Tax PRO-D-31 09/10/04
Checklist PRO-I-2 10/18/01
Collective Bargaining Agreements/Notification of Labor Organizations, Compliance with PRO-I-9 9/24/12
Collective Purchasing with Other States or the Federal Government PRO-D-25 9/1/17
Competitive Bidding Policy PRO-C-1 8/1/82
Competitive Negotiation (Request for Proposal) PRO-C-12 9/1/17
Sample RFP 02/98
Sample DP RFP 05/94
Complaint Report on Vendor/Contractor Performance PRO-G-6 6/1/87
Conference, Meeting, Seminar and Group Travel Planning PRO-D-33 9/1/17
Construction Projects PRO-D-21 2/1/99
Continued Appropriateness of Contracting for Services PRO-I-16 9/1/17
Contract Administration PRO-I-17 3/24/10
Contract Award--Competitive Negotiation PRO-D-27 6/1/83
Contract Cancellation and Termination Procedures PRO-E-21 5/1/97
Contract Compliance Policies and Procedures PRO-D-3 4/24/13
Contract Blanket Orders PRO-E-16 10/1/89
Contracting For Advertising Services PRO-I-5 11/1/88
Contracts, Length of PRO-E-10 4/1/02
Contracts, State Procurement Statewide PRO-B-1 3/15/13
Cooperative Purchasing: Wisconsin Municipalities PRO-D-30 9/1/17
Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) PRO-I-15 9/1/17
Cutoff Days PRO-D-24 3/31/14
Definitions (Contracting for Services) PRO-I-3 10/14/14
Delegation (Formerly Major Delegation) PRO-A-3 10/14/14
Direct Charges, Invoices and Vouchers PRO-E-4 1/1/00
Directory of State Bureaus of Procurement/Transportation and State Agency Purchasing/Printing Offices PRO-A-7 2/1/99
Disabled Veteran-owned Business Policy PRO-D-35 10/14/14
Disabled Veteran-owned Business Procurement Activity Reporting PRO-G-3 11/1/10
Disclosure PRO-C-28 12/1/83
Emergency Procurement PRO-C-3 2/07/13
Employee-Employer Relationship PRO-I-11 12/1/83
Endorsements and/or Testimonials, Letters of PRO-D-20 1/1/82
Equipment List Procedure PRO-C-7 10/1/00
Evaluation Committee (Request for Proposal) PRO-C-29 3/27/07
Evaluation Committee Problems/Issue Resolution (Request for Proposal) PRO-C-34 12/02/13
Evaluation Committee Reports PRO-C-40 3/27/07
Extended Period/Continuing Contracts PRO-E-24 11/25/02
Federal Property Program PRO-D-6 11/15/04
Forms, Electronic PRO-C-36 7/29/10
Funds Available PRO-E-11 1/1/82
General Waiver PRO-C-11 5/8/02
Grants and Other Nonprocurement Transactions PRO-C-32 9/21/10
Graphic Reproduction Equipment PRO-D-5 11/05/13
Guidelines for Use of Requests for Proposals, Official Sealed Bids and Waivers PRO-C-38 3/27/07
Honorarium PRO-D-2 5/1/97
Index of Procurement Information Memorandums (PIMs) PRO-B-10 4/1/00
Index of Scheduled Statewide Contracts (Formerly Bulletins) PRO-B-2 4/1/00
Insurance, Certificates of PRO-D-34 4/14/10
w/Revisions 10/1/97
Insurance and Bonds PRO-D-13 7/1/93
Intergovernmental Procurements PRO-C-25 9/1/17
Introduction (Contracting for Services) PRO-I-1 2/14/14
Justification of Need PRO-I-4 10/14/14
Lease and Rental Agreements PRO-E-12 3/10/04
Leasing/Rental, Passenger Sedans; Vans and Station Wagons; Work Vans, Trucks and Buses; Airplanes; and Motorcycles PRO-E-22 11/26/07
Legal/Public Notice PRO-C-6 01/12/12
Legal Services PRO-I-8 2/16/09
Life Cycle Cost Estimates PRO-E-19 1/1/82
Limited Trades Contracts PRO-D-17 2/1/99
Lowest Responsible Bidder PRO-C-16 10/18/01
Mail Job Action Contingency Plan PRO-C-21 1/1/82
Maintenance and Repair Contracts PRO-E-13 4/1/00
Management Reviews PRO-A-6 11/30/12
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Requirement  PRO-D-4 5/26/09
Materials Distribution Services (Formerly State Consolidated Stores) and Waupun Central Warehouse PRO-F-2 8/1/99
Minority Business Enterprise Policy PRO-D-1 12/16/10
Minority Business Enterprise Procurement Activity Reporting PRO-G-2 11/1/10
Motor Vehicles, Procurement of PRO-D-16 10/1/88
NIGP Commodity Codes PRO-B-3 10/16/02
Moves, Contracts for Household PRO-D-15 12/1/83
Noncollusion Statement PRO-C-4 6/1/82
Noncompetitive Negotiation (Sole Source) PRO-C-13 4/1/02
Notice of Intent—Contractual Services PRO-I-14 3/1/12
Notice to Unsuccessful Bidder PRO-C-23 3/9/12
Phosphorus, Use of Products Containing PRO-D-14 12/1/84
Piggybacking (Formerly Identical Requirement Contracts) PRO-D-29 10/14/14
Pricing and Discounts PRO-E-14 11/1/88
Printing Bidding Procedures PRO-J-3 7/26/12
Printing Contract Disputes (Formerly Printing Order Evaluation) PRO-J-4 4/1/02
Printing Definition PRO-J-1 4/14/10
Printing Procurements PRO-C-18 5/26/04
Printing Purchase Orders PRO-J-2 4/1/02
Prior Approval of Purchases/Unauthorized Purchases PRO-E-8 6/1/83
Private Facilities, Use of PRO-D-11 1/1/82
Procurement Information Memorandum (PIM) PRO-B-12 4/1/00
Procurement Plans PRO-A-4 10/31/11
Prompt Payment Policy PRO-E-6 8/1/93
Proposers (Request for Proposal), Communications with PRO-C-30 5/1/92
Public Printing Reporting PRO-J-5 8/8/12
Public Records Access PRO-D-23 9/1/17
Purchase Order PRO-E-1 1/1/00
Purchasing Card PRO-E-23 9/23/05
Purchasing Council, State Agencies PRO-A-8 1/1/82
Purchase Requisition PRO-E-2 4/1/00
Questionnaires, State Procurement Operational PRO-B-4 12/1/86
Receipt of Damaged Goods (Formerly Rejection Documentation) PRO-E-5 4/1/00
Receiving, Inspection and Claims Procedures on Purchased Materials PRO-E-3 6/1/89
Reciprocity Law PRO-C-20 5/26/04
Records Retention PRO-G-4 12/17/92
Recycling Procurement PRO-D-19 5/1/01
Release Orders PRO-E-20 10/1/89
Request for Information (Formerly Estimate Solicitation) PRO-C-22 6/19/03
Request for Purchasing Approval/Authority (RPA) Policy and Procedure PRO-C-2 10/31/11
Reverse Auction PRO-C-31 9/1/17
Security Guard Services, Contracting for Private PRO-I-7 3/31/14
Serial Contracting PRO-C-27 9/18/12
Simplified Bidding PRO-C-8 11/05/13
Small Business Policy PRO-D-9 6/1/91
Small Business, Veteran-owned Business and Minority Business Opportunities, Council on PRO-D-10 2/25/10
Space, Procurement of PRO-D-22 4/14/10
Specifications PRO-B-6 8/1/91
Standard Commodities and Statewide Contracts PRO-B-7 5/1/92
Standard Terms and Conditions PRO-E-7 6/1/99
Standards Committees PRO-B-8 9/1/83
State Employees, Contracting with PRO-I-12 3/1/97
State Procurement Manual PRO-A-5 4/1/02
Surplus Property Disposal -- Nonvehicles PRO-F-3 9/1/17
Surplus Property Disposal -- Vehicles and Related Equipment PRO-F-1 11/5/10
Taxes, Excise—Exempt or Not PRO-E-15 3/31/14
Telecommunications Procurements PRO-D-7 9/15/10
Temporary Help, Contracts for PRO-I-10 5/21/13
Tied Bids PRO-C-24 3/27/07
Transportation, Procurement of: Individual and Small Group Travel PRO-D-32 02/01/06
Unlawful Benefits to State Employees and Public Officials PRO-D-8 12/1/86
Utility Services PRO-C-14 1/1/86
Value Analysis PRO-B-9 4/1/00
VendorNet PRO-C-35 8/17/12
Veteran-owned Business Policy PRO-D-12 4/1/93
Waiver of Bidding Process PRO-C-9 5/1/97
(Work Center) Agency Initiation of a Contract PRO-K-1 2/04/13
(Work Center) Appreciable Contribution  PRO-K-5 09/23/05

(Work Center) Contract Cost Analysis  

(Work Center) Fair Market Price PRO-K-3 10/04/02
(Work Center) Index of Commodities and Services PRO-K-7 2/1/98

Appendix I


Appendices II and III

(Work Center) Request for Certificate of Exception PRO-K-4 10/04/02
Work Center Solicitation of a Contract PRO-K-2 10/04/02
World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement PRO-C-37 1/01/12