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Billable Facility Maintenance Services


The following is a general list of maintenance services that are charged back to the agency that requests the service.  Work outside the scope of routine building maintenance that alters facility space to better accomodate tenant agency programs, or that maintains equipment which benefits the tenant agency exclusively, is charged back based on the cost of time and materials used. (Please see the DFM Labor Charge-Back Rates for craft & non-craft hourly charge rates.)

  • Hanging of pictures, boards, etc.
  • Moving of furniture 
  • Delivery of chairs, easels, recycle barrels, to offices, conference, or hearing rooms
  • Delivery of tenant requested cleaning supplies to offices such as rags, glass/counter cleaner, vacuums
  • Dock deliveries to tenant
  • Repair of furniture 
  • Repair of system furniture, including replacement of light bulbs 
  • Opening stuck drawers in furniture or file cabinets 
  • Clean up of messes in offices such as spills, etc. 
  • Bulbs for desk lights 
  • All phone and data work 
  • All sound system work 
  • Tenant requested changes in offices, including overhead lighting 
  • Setup and cleanup for special events, meetings or conferences 
  • Lock problems in furniture 
  • Cutting of keys 
  • Installing or removing keyboard trays 
  • Requests for Capitol merchandise 
  • Special cleaning requests by tenant 
  • Lettering/signage on doors 
  • Repair of tenant appliances including refrigerators and microwave ovens provided by DOA